Global Indigenous Development Trust is building global partnerships with forward thinkers who believe in best practices

Braiding Ancient Wisdom With Modern Technology

We see a future where we all play a role

Our Vision


Our Vision: A woven tapestry of sovereign people and thriving communities working together for the wellbeing of all current and future generations. We work towards our vision by supporting the creation of local economies based on natural principles, powered by heart-centered leaders, dynamic teams and partnerships, and connecting one another through a network of reciprocal learning, technology and wise-practice.

Our Purpose


Our Purpose: We work to inspire the true potential of leaders, teams and communities to build a world that allows all of us and our Mother Earth to thrive. We work towards our purpose by supporting self-reliant communities develop their own value-based economies. In building new ways forward, our team of like-minded professionals are investing in sovereign solutions.

Our Origin


Our Origins: GIDT is led by some of Canada’s most prominent leaders who have transformed their communities by building strong leaders, dynamic teams, and empowered partnerships. Jerry & Sonia came together 10 years ago with a shared vision of communities prospering from their own internal well of knowledge, wisdom and sovereign decision-making agency.

Together we are writing our new collective story

Our Best Practices

Integrity & Accountability

We believe in “lived values” founded in integrity, walking in truth and service to others. We believe in self-reliance, community mindset and caring about people, reciprocity in relationships, responsibility where everyone has a role to play and is valued for their contribution. We approach our work with kindness, generosity, curiosity and an openness to learning (humility).

Corporate Governance

We aspire to the highest standards in our corporate governance practices. We are committed to transparency, gender equity and fiscal responsibility. We have implemented the following policies: Anti-Corruption, Procurement, Gender Equity, Finance and Accounting.

The Board of Directors oversees the organization’s compliance with its own governing documents and all applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations, as well as international standards and best-practices. For programs outside Canada we also abide by applicable laws, regulations and conventions in that jurisdiction, unless these are in conflict with laws in Canada. The Board is responsible for providing the strategic leadership necessary to establish and review GIDT’s vision, mandate and corporate goals and objectives.

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GIDT is a Canadian Indigenous social enterprise and registered charity founded in 2014.

Through its extensive global network, GIDT is a bridge, a catalyst and a value creator for its Indigenous and non-Indigenous partners, bringing best-practices globally to support innovation locally.