Global Indigenous Community Values

A Cooperative community And the wisdom of earth

GIDT Values

We value mother Earth's wisdom & her sacred ways

How We Value Mother Earth's Wisdom

GIDT's Guiding Principles:


Everything and everyone is interconnected. Nature rewards cooperation. Fostering collaboration between people is key to building successful ecosystems and communities.


Every being in nature is busy, contributing and a valuable part of the whole. Creating meaningful opportunities that allow a place for all to contribute allows communities to thrive.

Zero Waste

Nature is highly efficient and recycles everything. A natural economy maximizes community value in all that we do, from programs and partnerships to systems design in projects.


The more diverse an ecosystem the more successful. Investing in people and fostering individual interests, talents, skills and gifts through training, mentorship and apprenticeships allows members to grow and builds vibrant communities.

Local Experts

Nature relies on local expertise and decision-making as the best way to ensure healthy abundance for all. Cultivating local leaders, knowledge and processes for informed decision-making enables communities to set their own directives.

GIDT True Value Economy

We Value
every little thing


Our Leadership School is training the next generation of value-based leaders, founded in traditional knowledge systems and community building.


We support Indigenous land stewardship, land-based education, healing, working together and working to rebuild food, energy, housing, and water systems.


We work with communities to design and developing integrated local food, housing, water, and energy systems, based on community values and goals.


We work to design and implement natural indigenous economies that value life and work to cultivate inherent value of people and our natural world in practical ways.