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Truth and Reconciliation

A beautiful Indigenous grandmother said, “Truth is the foundation of all life.” Without truth we are not free, the basis for society cannot exist and our relationship with ourselves, one another and our natural world becomes disconnected and dis-eased. Since the beginning of time, truth has been seen as the cornerstone of a just, stable and strong society. In this time of fast money, fast gratification, fast development, where we seek solutions outside of ourselves, we must remember that the core of all things is ultimately truth. This is true sovereignty of the individual.

Without recognizing and acknowledging the truth of our history and modern-day oppressions, discriminatory policies and acts of genocide against those of our own human family right here at home, we cannot move towards a conciliation with one another.

Relationships start with knowing oneself. For without knowing oneself, one cannot truly know another. On this day, take this opportunity to look inward and challenge your own narrative, question what truths you have hidden from or not wanted to look at, and choose to send it love.

Whatever land you belong to, wherever you have come from, principles of truth, justice, freedom from oppression and discrimination are fundamental human rights that we should all stand behind as human beings. It is time for us all to stand in solidarity with the First Peoples of these lands – in the pursuit of truth, justice and a free and fair society that works for all.

We at GIDT acknowledge the horrific genocides that have been committed against these beautiful cultures in the past, and which continue today through oppressive policies, discrimination and marginalization. We apologize as human beings for this having been possible and send love to all those souls that perished and those that continue to suffer today. We commit to working in respect and reciprocity with our Indigenous friends, partners, teachers and mentors, to listen more than we speak, to acknowledge the 10,000+ years of knowledge that exists and the complex understandings that these cultures have. It is the beauty within these understandings that we can all benefit from as Canadians in creating a more prosperous, thriving future for all. Let us approach these renewed relationships with humility and respect.

Thank you to all our Indigenous friends who continue to remain open to finding a way forward, reminding us all of the sacred relationships that exist between one another and with our Mother Earth, helping to steward better realities for all.